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NapZ in a 320

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I have a '64 320 which I put an '88 NapZ z24 in. I'm running standard automotive coils and the engine runs very well with this setup.  My problem is my techometer doesn't operate correctly, it reads several hundred rpm high, wanders some, and is just unreliable. I had a Mallory HyFire ignition connected to the exhaust bank coil just to trigger the tech, but after a year of use the HyFire (which was a used unit) tech signal quit working.  I didnt like using that thing anyway.  What are you guys using to correct the signal from the distributor so a tech will work with it?

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The tach usually runs off the intake coil negative terminal but if wired up,the exhaust will work also.


Mallory.... like Harley Davidson and the Kardashians........ famous for being famous.


What tach? Not factory D21? How are you determining that it's inaccurate???

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Definitely not stock. With the Mallory triggering the tech it was correct when checked with my inductive pickup tech.  When the Mallory died I put the sencer wire from the tech to the negative side of the intake coil and surprise, it acted the same as it did a year ago when I switched to the Mallory. It reads high by several hundred rpm, drifts around while idling, and reacts very slowly to rev increases.  My oldest son bought the same tech and is using it on a late model bow tie LS with no problem.  The tech is a Chineese model that matches my speedo and fits nicely in the 320s instrument panel.  I feel it doesn't like the square wave put out by the Nissan distributor.

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