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85 Nissan 720 4x4 instrument cluster.

Thomas Perkins

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Hi ya'll.I bought a used  instrument cluster from someone on 720 World long ago.We'll he sent me 2 clusters and a wiring harness.One of the clusters has a clock on it.Mine does not..When I bought my truck in 94.The speedometer dial would go to 35 mph then drop down. I couldn't figure out why it was doing this.We'll one day on the way home from work back in 96,a car pulled in front of me and I hit him.My front end had was so messed up that it had to be towed.So I had it towed to the house cause it was late and I had to figure out who I was going to take it to.That was when I found out Nissan has no body shop.It was his fault.The tow driver was wanting to buy it.The next day,I noticed that the speedometer dial came off.So I had it towed to the body shop,it took 30 days to fix and the insurance company he had gave me the option to get a rental or pay me 15 dollars a day for up to 30 days.I took the 450.00 dollars.When I got it back home.I took the lens and cover off to get to the speedometer dial. I found out why it was going up to 35 mph and dropping down.The dial's round end that connects to the speedometer was cracked and not keeping a tight fit.The weight of the dial made it go down.I seen a you tube video where someone took one off a cluster and put it on.But it will not work on mine.The part it connects to done unwound and won't work.So I decided to keep old one on to show my original mileage,plus it can't be fixed.But anyway,I have a few blown bulbs in it.Since I have 2 extra speedo's with bulbs,I will try them.The Nissan site is showing that they still have bulbs. The bulb at the Temperature gauge is bad.Can I replace the bulbs without taking the cluster out.If not.It has two top screws to remove cluster and what else needs to be remove to get it out.Can I connect the other cluster to it without connecting the speedo cable to check the lights out on the other cluster.Also does anyone need any other parts on the extra speedo's I have,tac,clock,temp.gauge,fuel gauge.And wiring harness.He did not send the lens or covers.What ever you do to clean,never use a air hose on the cluster,I did long ago and some of the paint came off cluster,made it look ugly.Dirt collects back their and behind the dash.The dirtest place on the truck.

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Whew, that is hard to read.  Maybe, next time, use returns on the paragraphs 😞


It would be very tricky to reach from underneath the bulb socks, so you'll need to take the cluster out.


To remove the cluster, there are the two top screws on the bezel.  Then there are clips that hold the bezel in place on the bottom, roughly on either side of the steering column.  You'll use a screw driver or a spudger to work around the bottom clips.  Once the bezel is out, then there are two or four more screws on the cluster itself.  They are fairly self evident, you will see them.  That's it.

Then, the electrical connectors and speedo cable.


Sure, once you have the cluster out, you can just connect the electrical connectors to light up any cluster you have.

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100_9785.thumb.jpg.6fd824829a21b3b2943e4cd55bb35657.jpgYes,Jeff,the Trip Odometer went out long time ago,the numbers turn wildly.Also long ago,a yellow looking gear oil was dripping from the speedometer onto the floor mat.It is all gone.No more drips.The back of the speedometer was full of yellow gear oil.I removed every bulb. Every one had gear oil on the bulbs electrical connection. Their are 3 types.Little brown ones,one little black one and some big brown ones.I did find one bad one.Also one of my bulbs was missing,compared to the other 2 clusters I have.It's not the clock one.All 3 clusters have a bulb where the clock goes.I did wipe the oil off.The tac connection came off.It is connected to the speedo and not a electrical connection like everything else.Their are 3 brown little bulbs lined up at the top of the back of the cluster.The one in the middle was bad.It was making my temperature gauge dim.Here are some pics of my extra clusters and harness.I am now fixing to put cluster back in.Check out the trip Odometer.







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Thanks for the help Jeff.It was a job getting the tac cable connected to the cluster.The wiring is so short.I had to take the plate off under the steering column and get on my back and use a little mirror and get it on.Never give up.The thought of splicing the 3 wires and making them longer came to mind.Started it up and everything is working..



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Happy Saturday Ya'll.I remove my cluster completely this time.The other cluster's I bought that you seen in the pictures don't work.I got ripped off when I bought them from a guy on 720 world.I was going to try and use the one that has 84,000 miles on it and it and the other one's wiring and parts have been remove from the speedometer.But it has a clock on it and the facing is very clean.So I remove the speedometer from it and installed mine to it and replaced all the bulbs with mine cause they all work.I have plenty of extra bulbs.Noticed that the bulb with the black fitting is for the high beam.I also extended the wiring to the clock and tac so it will be very easy to reinstall.I had no problem with the speedo cable,it had a lot of slack in it to get the speedo out.I just pinched it and it came off.The brake bulb on the cluster was bad,put another in it and it works.When I started it.the tac dial was not in the right place.I turned it off and rotated it counterclockwise to the 1 and started it and that fixed it.A odometer part came off and I put it back on,now it is back to zero's.It didn't work.Maybe it will.The last 2 pictures are where I extended the wiring on the tac and clock.I had to drill a hole in the lens for the clock adjuster stem.I had to wipe up all the gear oil behind the cluster where it had leaked.




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Drove my 720 to work today,first time driving it since the cluster cover change with some new bulbs.Wow,it is so bright and now I can see all my dials good.Plus got a clock in it.The 4x4 enblem wasn't working.Now it does.New bulb.When ever you put the cluster back on.Make sure your tac dial is on 0.It has to turn counter clock wise.

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