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SDXX Parts and Numbers


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Hoping this may help someone looking for SD parts and fixing leaks


Oil cooler o-rings


NLA and none on locator

Size 23.7 x 3.5

(Where I bought mine price per 1)



Oil cooler upper water hose

21308-90003, 21308-90004, 21308-10G01, 21308-10G10

NLA and none on locator




Oil cooler lower short hose

21308-09W03, 21308-09W05


Oil cooler lower long hose

21308-09W02, 21308-09W04

NLA and none on locator


Oil cap, Rubber SD25 (Have purchases 3 from seller)




Engine Gasket Set

10101-09W25, 10101-09W26

NLA and none on the dealer locator



SDXX Diaphragm 155020-2120

*Out of Sri Lanka* Just made purchase of two today. Will inspect when the arrive. 



Valve cover gasket 13270-V0600

Idk Quality but only non overseas listing found. Used to get good payen ones out of Cyprus but seem to be gone. Sometimes can find them under Fel-Pro VS50224R


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At this point you have to forget the dealers. Don't care about old crap. The valve cover gaskets yes you need to try and find originals. Hoses, "O" rings, seals and bearings carry generic numbers and have many applications. There isn't an automaker out there that makes thier own bearings or seals all is third party. 

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@bottomwatcher regardless, even at this point original part numbers are still relevant and used or referenced as seen above. Many of these are hard to get or hard to source for these old motors. This is simply a way to try and help others locate what they need. Many of these parts are not available through conventional sources and you will be buying NOS parts. As far as the o-rings they're very specific and it's simpler to order the right thing than trial and error. This can easily be a starting point for someone. These trucks are simply hard enough to find parts for as is. 


Riley at the Lynchburg dealership in VA is an exception and has done an excellent job helping source nos old parts. 


I'll try to update this as I come across other relevant items to add.

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