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  1. It smoked two fusible links. I just didn't catch it the first time. Disconnected the wiring at the alternator the third time and hooked everything up with the alt unplugged. I'll put my vq35 alternator back on it and the 7.3 idi vacuum pump for now I guess Was hoping to add back my a/c before summer came along this year
  2. Finally had a chance to go over the truck again and what solved the issue was unplugging the alternator harness from the main system. It's apparently causing a dead short in the system. I'll replace it next time I have the chance. Might be sooner with it being diesel and the gas pumps around here dry from people panic buying lol.
  3. Yeah, no exterior/interior lights lol I have brake, reverse, turn signals, and headlight. From what I've found, headlights and running lights are powered by the red wire that comes off the fusible links.
  4. Just tried fresh fuses also, no change. The switch is working, it activates the headlights and kicks one part of the relay on for the running lights. So I another part of this is that my alternator decided to overcharge enough that it popped the fusible link at the battery. I used a link from an 83+ truck (all I have left for spares). Everything is getting power like it's supposed that I can tell. I'll end up putting my vq35 alternator back on it for now I guess. I think my controller is fried as I tried to jump it and make it cycle and it won't.
  5. Driving truck the other day and lost running lights. Headlight Hi/Lo works, and turn signals also. Things I've swapped (known good parts out of another running truck) - wiper switch - headlight relay (both click when turned to running lights) - all fuses are good - dimmer switch - ignition switch (electrical) Also lost power to the injection pump controller. From what I found the red wire that connects to the fusible links is a constant hot wire that feeds the headlight/running lights. What am I missing?
  6. SLO720

    720 4x4 oil pan

    If you were closer I have a couple pans and pickup tubes for the later model 4x4. In located in Va.
  7. SLO720

    L20b Power Steering

    Hello all, I was wondering if the 720 l20b was ever optioned with a power steering system? Getting ready to potentially purchase an 80 720 with l20b. Truck has a factory A/C system on it. Kinda kicking myself for not harvesting the ld28 powersteering pump and brackets before I sold it (Just for the possibility of it even fitting). Will get this truck with a 85 base model truck that is power steering and the '80 is pretty rotted so may do a drivetrain swap. The z24 had a bad head gasket and has set for about 6 years.
  8. What you see in the pictures above is how I wired mine. For low it turns on the bottom row of the others and for high it's the high beam on all four.
  9. Np! Just remember to switch the harness leads around in the source power plug to look like the one I posted above. After that it should be smooth sailing 🙂
  10. This is the unit I used: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XJ771YQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_T1oZFb3RVQP9R?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 @Buckner99 the harness I used does the exact same thing. It sources sensed power from the factory harness then switches power through the relays. Also the harness you linked is a 2 headlight setup not 4, something to also be careful of.
  11. Yeah, this harness made it very painless. My 4x4 in the background I never got right on my own and had the high beams on a toggle switch
  12. Axles are swappable, the only pain will probably be disconnecting the parking brake cables from each axle. One is a slightly lighter gear but not enough to matter. I would also suggest doing the leaf spring bushings depending on how you plan to remove the axle. Unbolting the u-bolts or removing at the spring?
  13. Hello all, recently purchased a cheap ($20) led harness and installed it. Very straight forward. Each plug is individually grounded. The only thing needed work was to rearrange the pins to the plug going to one of the outer most headlight harness plugs (to the truck harness plug). You also have to add power to the relays through a wire already included (already had a inline fuse installed). It was approximately a 15 minute install with the headlight already in the buckets.
  14. SLO720

    Sd25 Fuel Adjustment

    This pyrometer for whatever reason sets on whatever it was last when you turn off the ignition. When the ignition is turned on it resets to zero. And I planned sealed systems with respective reservoirs and pumps. I also note the low temp running down the road. I'm pretty sure I pulled the thermostat out of the housing and never replaced it. I only had one thermostat gasket and the thermostat I ordered came in wrong. It's also a tinge of blue on a cold start and that's what has me concerned. I've started this truck at 8*F and it did okay. I definitely know what you mean with the mi
  15. SLO720

    Sd25 Fuel Adjustment

    Happy Thanks Giving everyone 🙂 So my plan is to turbo charge, but mount it in the bed with it's own oil/coolant reservoirs and respective pumps. This will keep temps down, not interfere with brake booster and means I don't have to worry with a custom manifold. I have seen your diagram and had it at one point from another friend. The being able to go up hill with light gears right now doesnt bother me as I plan to only drive it locally and it's very flat land around here. I kind of figured there was a lean condition simply bc it doesn't smoke at all. It smoked once upshifting for a
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