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Timing 720

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Set engine to TDC (top dead center)

The rearmost edge of the pulley should have a small nick or notch on it and it should be near the 0 (zero) on the timing scale bolted to the timing cover on the alternator side.


Each point tip is 5 degrees apart. From tip to trough is 2.5 degrees.




Put a little white paint on this notch so it's easy to see with the timing light flashes.


Connect the timing light and start engine. Warm up engine thoroughly. Choke must be off.


Make sure that the non California idle speed is correct at...


4X4 all................. 800

Z20 2wd............. 600

Z24 2wd............. 650


Set timing to .....


Z20........ +5 BTDC +- 2 degrees

Z24........ +3 BTDC +- 2 degrees.


You can pull the vacuum advance hose off and check that the timing does not increase. If the idle is proper it shouldn't. Idle must be below about 900 RPMs or mechanical advance may be present throwing the total timing off.

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