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KA24DE-Internals truck vs car

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Hello yall quick question here,

I've been searching and searching different forums for a bit now with no good information,

My question is this: I have the dual cam ka24de out of an xterra. i know the major differences with the intake, pan, ect that make it different that that of the 240 counter part. What i don't know is if the internals differ between the two. I'm building this engine to handle a considerable amount of abuse, however i dont know if i can just look up internal parts for the 240 engine counterpart and use them, versus needing to strictly stick to the truck counter part( which considerably lowers options.  Example, Brian cower, Tomei, eagle, anything assumes im putting it into the 240...will they work? Thanks in advance guys  

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Exterra oil pump is external and driven by a spindle off the crankshaft that also spins the CAS. The S14 pump in internally driven by the crankshaft and the CAS is driven off the side of the head by the timing chain. 


Exterra flywheels are 240mm clutch, S14 are 225mm.


Both camshafts show different part numbers between S14 and Exterra.

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