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  1. Indeed! I'm also in arvada, glad to see a fellow enthusiast in my neck of the woods! I will definitely like to look into whatever parts you have laying around your willing to sell to me. I appreciate the info on the cage, I was thinking about the feasibility of it being that I'm about 6 ft and close to feeling cramped. My first priority Is at least the ball joint conversion from the kingpins since that's already going to take some time.
  2. Hello fellow enthusiasts, been a lurker for a while and I can proudly say I have joined the fold last week with a purchase of a 74' 620! I haven't done a complete run through of her since I've been buryed with snow but I do know she's a 5 speed L18. She came with plenty of work already done however she far from where I want her. Here's a list of my goals with this project and what I'll be picking yalls brains about! She's going to be part time cruiser/ part time drifter. I've put a few things sideways but now I finally have my project. Ball joint conversion Rear-end strengthening
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