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Need L/Z20 for my truck

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My 620 project came to a halt about a year ago when the motor started knocking, Need to get it back on the road. Mainly looking to keep it's L20, looking for a short block of a Z\L, and piecing together a new overhauled engine. 


Anyone in Oregon with parts that could help me out?


Another thing, I found 2 L16's for very cheap, although I feel like that would be a downgrade. Would L16 parts be compatible with the L20? 



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Pull the bolt in brace under the oil pan off, drop the pan and unbolt the rod caps. Look for a bad one. If it's toasted the crank it all has to come out anyway. If you can't find obvious damage put new rod bearing in and put together.



No combination of L20B and L16 rods and pistons will work on the L20B. The L20B crankshaft has larger diameter main journals so that won't swap either. If the L16 was a good runner you could put in while fixing or finding another L20B. Hopefully the L16 has a flywheel and clutch as the L20B flywheel won't fit it nor will the clutch.

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