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510 Sedan/Wagon Window Channel options


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I have been working on a 4-door Dime. Among the parts on hand are two similar - but different - (RH) rear door glass channels that secure the glass run rubber and hold the fixed window in place. One of them has stainless cladding (see photo) while the other matches the painted type as found on the LH side. 

While I am not sure about the origin of the part with the cladding, adding the "bling" to the LH side appeals to me. 

So, here are the questions:

Does anyone know the origin of the part with the cladding? Could it be from a wagon or different year-model than my car (1972)? And, most importantly (to me, anyway) does anyone have a LH part I can get from them?

BTW: I am also looking to source the LR rain gutter trim strip for my car. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks for your feedback. See you at Powerland in June.

PL 510 RR Window Channels.jpg

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I am going out on a limb.........the Sedan & Wagon vertical rails are the same.  The rear door are the same, except for the 1/4 window frame & glass, but only at the trailing (rear) edge.  


There were black painted & stainless clad.  I think the stainless clad was 68-71 & the black painted was 71-73 (I could have them backwards)


UPDATE - I just looked at my mostly original paint 1972 Wagon............black painted.  I also looked at all my spare rear doors...........all my Sedan doors are stainless clad.  I have one pair of Wagon spare doors which I think came off a 1968 Wagon...........black painted.  That said, now I'm wondering if all of the Sedan's were stainless & all the Wagon's were black painted.........??  This is all USA spec, as other countries often had different trim!


Bottom line, I think the vertical rails interchange.  I might have what you need, as I have a big box of door parts, off doors I stripped out.  I also have some Sedan drip rail mouldings, but think I'm out of one piece.  PM if interested!



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