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  1. Time Left: 12 days and 6 hours

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    1972 Datsun 510 4-Door body shell ONLY. There is no title. To be sold complete. I will not cut up or part out. I will not make any trades other than for Datsun 510 parts I may need. This car is primarily good for the body segments that remain. EVERYTHING else has been "harvested". What you see is what you would get. Note: All suspension parts are removed. If you want this shell, you will need a trailer. I will assist in loading, but cannot deliver. There is no evidence of a big smashup anywhere, so if you need sheet metal repair pieces, this could work. The floor pans are solid: A few small areas have been patched and everything has been painted with primer. The trunk area has rust and dents. The roof is straight. The hood is quite straight and in pretty good overall condition. The Trunk lid is straight and has a small (drilled) hole that could be patched. The door hinges are sketchy. The front core support has been removed. The front valance is on hand and could be repaired. The strut towers are both solid. All door glass is in good condition and an extra LF door is included. Windshield is cracked; rear glass is in good condition. I will respond to interested parties in the order of inquiry. I will not waste time answering questions about things that are addressed in this posting. I will not be hosting "tire kickers" - there are no tires to kick. If the posting is up, the shell is still available. email responses are preferred: davecsellers@gmail.com Thank you for your interest. Long Live Datsun!


    Beaverton, Oregon - US

  2. Thanks to those responding. It's nice to see the progress on the Dime I used as the basis for my color inquiry. It has come a long way. The 021 Datsun code looks promising - though the code for the 620 in "Kelly Green" is listed as 940. More research is in order to get either one from PPG - though their #44432 seems correct. Just want to be sure to do this right.
  3. Can anyone tell me if there is a source or a substitute for the plastic pieces that go under the front fenders along the top edge of the area where they are mounted to the body? They have holes in them where the bolts for mounting the fenders pass trough. Thanks
  4. OK, pardon me if I have been unable to find this on my own. It appears there is quite a lot of incomplete information around, and the links I looked at seem a bit conflicted. (Many of the color charts have numbers, but no colors attached, and vice-versa). What I am hoping the collective knowledge of our forum will determine is: What is the paint code (specific to PPG, if that is even possible?) for my green 1972 PL 510 4-door? Specifically, this color appears to me - and has been referred to as - "Kelly Green", which is the brighter of several green paint options out there. Note: The
  5. Seeking recommendations for someone to prep and paint my 510 4-door. Prefer Washington County or SW location as car is disassembled and must be transported. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  6. I will just put a nose mask (bra) on my Z and show up at Blue Lake.
  7. BTW: For some reason the pic I posted with the above did not appear with the text. What is up with that?
  8. My first car was a Datsun. A 1600 Roadster, which I still own. Subsequently, I had numerous 510's, a few 620's, a sweet 810 Hardtop, some B210's & 210's, a 710 Hardtop, and, for a while, an A10/510 Wagon. So, about 20 Datsuns in all - but never a Z-Car. This hole in my "resume'" could not stand! Last summer, I found a 1973 240Z (4-speed) with known history, and: Under 38K original miles. (Documents support this, pedal pads, paint and glass back that up). No rust anywhere, (honest, I looked very carefully, and the car was undercoated when new) never crashed (LH door poorly repainted/"bl
  9. Hey, Anyone know about availablility and/or interchange on door hinges for a B110 1200 coupe? I thought they maybe (might?) be the same as a B210, but don't really know. As you might expect, the ones on my car have tons of slop, and the "stay" portions have snapped off. If nothing else, I would like to replace the worn-out bushings in mine. Sources? Advice? I'll take what I can get, but am hoping for something in the Portland area. Thanks!
  10. Very nice. Count me in for some if you proceed.
  11. Yep, I like La Grande! Came here to go to college, and just simply never left. I plan on going to a few VW conventions--I might bring back an old bug...who knows...!

  12. Ignore the typo, please. That would be a "ton of tarps".

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