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Can you verify/ID this trans?

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Can anyone help me ID this transmission?

 Owner says it is a close ratio 5 speed from a 620 4x4.  I didn't think there were factory 620 4x4s. That is what is throwing me off.  Any way, it is in storage but he had these pics of it.  


I have a 73 620 with L16 and it looks like I have the shorter trans and this one looks right to me but...I am a n00b and don't want to drive to Phoenix to get it if it is a no go.


 Could this be the 5 speed for me?


Any input would be appreciated.


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The owner may just be parroting what he was told. Always know more about what is being sold than the owner. There were no factory 620 4x4 but some were ordered through the dealer from a conversion company using Dana and Jeep parts. 


This IS a 5 speed for an L series engine. Made before 1980. It is not for a 280z or the first year (79) 280zx, nor is it from an 810 car. Only vehicle left is a '77-'79 620 truck. The '77-'78 came with mid ratio gears and the '79 truck was the only year available with a wide ratio gear set.


To identify if wide or mid ratio ask the seller to make a chalk mark on the input and output splines, put in first gear. Have someone turn the input shaft 20 times while he counts the output turns....


5.5 turns.......... '79 wide ratio... If I had to pick I would want this with a small L16 engine.

6.0 turns.......... '77-'78 mid ratio, this will also work, specially if mostly transportation and not hauling loads.

6.5 turns.......... close ratio*


*only available on the '80-'83 280zx non turbo. Just for information purposes it won't be a close ratio.


If you don't buy the owner can be more accurate in his ad.


The build code is usually where you show it but is stamped rather than cast. It MAY be July 1977 and this is only a guess.



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On 1/19/2022 at 7:17 PM, datzenmike said:



The build code is usually where you show it but is stamped rather than cast. It MAY be July 1977 and this is only a guess.



It IS July 1977 as it cannot be July 1967 (long before W71 series transmissions were made) nor July 1987 (it has crush type synchros).

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Yes the '71 B (5 speed) was available from August '76 (beginning of the '77 model years) on the 280z and the 620 truck. The last 71B 5 speeds were on the '86.5 720 truck (Z and SD series engines) and the S12 (CA series engines) so just under 10 years. However this is an L series and the last use of one was the end of the '84 model year Maxima.




I say this is a truck transmission because in addition to the reverse light switch it also has a 5th and 4th gear switch for emissions. Cars (280z 280zx, 810s and Maximas.... the only other users of an L series 5 speed made before '80, were all EFI. 

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