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  1. Just remember, if it is not transmission or transfer case related, I DO NOT HAVE IT.
  2. Don, there is a Mustang yard (very small) just west of AA Towing on same side of street. Riverside auto wrecking closed several years ago when the owner (can't remember his name) retired. The Millersburg yard is mostly a scrap yard and typically closes by 3pm if he even opens at all. Take the road west past city hall and the yard is on the left just before the RR tracks. I know all of this because I very frequently, many times per year, visit all of them looking for transmission cores. In my estimation, the only ones several miles out of town are the Millersburg and Oakville road yards. Goldfish Farm Rd is barely East of I-5, the next yard (used to be Harris AW if I remember correctly) is one block further. A mile further at Scravel Hill road is the other one on Hwy 20 that is seldom open.
  3. Metal tag is the date of build plus serial number. Being a W71C, that means it was built in November 1987 and therefore is from a 1988 model year truck. In general, W71C gears do not fit W71B boxes. W71C boxes, especially 2wd, grenade frequently, so if you got something decent to start with you should be able to make a good profit from it. 1986 was a cross over year for trucks as both the D21 (W71C) and the 720 (W71B) were made for the same year. All of the above ASSUMES that this is the original transmission in that truck. However, the numbers on the case suggest that you have a W71C gear train stuffed into a W71B case, in which case the tag number would mean built in November 1977 which is NOT possible for a genuine W71C transmission.
  4. I am in Douglas County near Roseburg. There are 7 wrecking yards in/near Albany (97321 & 97322 zip codes), two on Queen St, one on north side of Hwy 20 (they have 8 locations open to the public and 2 storage locations), one further out on south side of Hwy 20 (seldom open), one on Goldfish Farm Rd (they have 19 locations), one in Millersburg, and one on Oakville Rd south of town. Merlin, Oregon, near Grants Pass, had a wrecking yard 20 or so years ago, but it is long gone.
  5. I have a set a gears out of a 4-speeed W63 built in July 1972. Gears have some small chips, but nothing like what I see in your pictures.
  6. Thread is a little old I know, but this may be of interest. The number (7202575) suggests that this transmission, assuming that the case is original to it, was built in Feb 1977.
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