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Carb swapping


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I'm thinking of swapping out my carb on my A14 but I'm not sure. I'm having some carb problems and I know that switching to something like a new weber would fix that and also gain me some hp, the main problem lies within the airfilter housing. Since my engine got all sorts of crazy valves that lead into the air filter housing would I need to modify the housing in order to fit it on a weber carb? Any ideas?

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Yes you would. These are for an L series engine but it's basically the same procedure. The stock air filter allows you to keep the ATC auto temp control and the filter is larger, lasts longer and is 1/3 the price of the Weber filter.





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You may have to make a flat plate and weld/rivet it to the stock filter housing. In that case you can move the 'sensors'. The two 'sensors' are...


Hot idle compensator.... Overly hot under hood temperatures cause a rich mixture. This device leaks air into the intake to lean it out.


ATC sensor.... (auto temp control) this device senses air temp and bleeds vacuum to the ATC servo motor in the snorkel to maintain a constant air inlet temperature.



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