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  1. Im considering engine swapping my 79 210 hatchback that currently has an A14 in it, any ideas? Or maybe a horsepower buff to the current A14, preferably something that is decently easy.
  2. That's an impressive feat of manufacturing but I take it that's the only way and that's there's no prebuilt ones that'll work?
  3. Does anyone know of any intake or exhaust manifolds that can be put on a A14 non California cat engine without too much hassle. I'm looking to reduce the resistance in the system so I can squeeze out an extra hp or two
  4. Hmm ok ill look into it, any carb suggestions? As much as I would love to throw a 60$ carb in their, ik it wont work so any carbs in the 250-500 range?
  5. I have the cat non California version which has sensors right next to the hole for the carb, so I don't know if id be able to make the hole much bigger. Am I out of luck?
  6. JacobBieg

    Carb swapping

    I'm thinking of swapping out my carb on my A14 but I'm not sure. I'm having some carb problems and I know that switching to something like a new weber would fix that and also gain me some hp, the main problem lies within the airfilter housing. Since my engine got all sorts of crazy valves that lead into the air filter housing would I need to modify the housing in order to fit it on a weber carb? Any ideas?
  7. ok, because I've been unable to find a more modern set of coil overs under 1k$ so that might have to do.
  8. My current coilover work but are just too soft and have little to no progression so they remain very soft all the way through. Does anyone know a pair of coilovers that will make the ride more comfortable and limit bottom outs that wont break the bank?
  9. So update, Ive verified my auto choke is working and opens fully, but I will try shrinking the plug gap. I too thought that 0.051 was too big of a gap but its what the user manual says to use.
  10. Ok so originally it did seem to be burning oil but now it doesn't, and the plugs are definitely dosed in fuel not oil now. Also according to the manual I should be running 0.043 to 0.051 which is quit large but its what they recommend, air filter is new, and yes its the stock carb with all stock parts. But I will check my choke cause Im yet to check the warm vs cold
  11. I have finally begun to get my engine into a good condition but now I gotta decide how to tune it. Right now I believe my A14 is running very rich just bye the smell and the fact that upon removal of the sparks they are completely coated in unburnt fuel. My sparks are set to 0.045 and im trying to figure out what afr I should aim for and/or spark gap in order to get a snappy response but still be fuel efficient to daily drive. Any suggestions?
  12. JacobBieg

    Exhaust Thread

    So if you think a cheapish turbo muffler would get rid of some of the possible obnoxious popping ill look into purchasing one
  13. JacobBieg

    Exhaust Thread

    Ok that might be the plan, I was planning on running the pipe all the way to the back of the car and using a pipe adapter in order to but a nicer tip on the exhaust to give it a little more shine.
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