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Headlamp buckets


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I and others sometimes mix up our buckets when cleaning/restoring/re-plating, and my searches have yielded very little useful info.

my '73 truck has four lamps, and three of the buckets are stamped 'Koito Type 1" and only one is marked "Koito Type 2."

I cannot properly fit 2 low beams and @ high beams, no matter how I rotate them and reposition the adjusters, etc. because of the little blocks cast into the rear of the bulbs.

I have Halogen now, three Wagner and one Sylvania

I have resorted to trying to zoom in on pics on ebay etc.

I wonder if someone replaced one somewhere along the way with another type 1?

Would one of you gentlemen PLEASE remove all four lamps on a 620 and set me straight as to which bucket goes where? 


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Yes, afaik......there was front end damage at some point, the core support was bent from a tree or pole. didn't look like the damage extended that far though.

The one lamp was cocked when I bought the truck, and when I was trying to fix it, I realized the recesses in the bucket wouldn't let it saddle in.

It seems common sense that you would have 2 of one style and two of the other....I guess oem buckets were easy to come by when they repaired it in the '70's or 80's and they just put in the wrong one, cuz they're all stamped Koito behind the bulb, inside the bowl.

The recesses are definitely in different places when you compare them.

I guess the "type 1 and type 2" define the bulb design?

There's another fellow on here with the same issue...somebody hook us up with a photo for posterity...Please?

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