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  1. Datfish

    Cab mount bushing help

    Always give it a shot, it's amazing what's out there. I got NOS main bearings from Kuwait. And yes they were genuine. About $50 shipped. Took a camel's age to arrive, but I got 'em.
  2. Datfish

    620 A/C compressor mount

    https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=york+to+sanden+bracket+datsun&_sacat=0# I hope to use the old bracket that was on my block and something from here...
  3. Datfish

    Mystery Starter

    I wonder how it ever ended up on there...weird
  4. Datfish

    Mystery Starter

    The nose is so small it doesn't even fit the opening anyway, so unless it's just the outer radius jamming it.... it doesn't even fill the hole in the plate, some of it remains exposed with starter inserted. It's a really tight fit anyway, and I don't like it hitting the dipstick. Does it look like a Maxima starter? I have to remember how to make the imgur pics show up without clicking.
  5. Datfish

    Mystery Starter

    I fought this bitch for awhile before realizing it is not correct for my L16 73 620. Been apart for 5 years...now rebuilding. Looked at pics online and this one’s nose is too small, solenoid is in wrong place (hits dipstick) barely fits in but I never got the top bolt in. It HAD to have been on there...can’t believe I didn’t notice how wrong it was during tear down. i’m Gonna order a new one I guess. https://imgur.com/a/6IXnM
  6. Datfish

    Sick 620's in Thailand

    http://youtu.be/g73YznOCdP8 Thai meets seem so laid back. I wanna go.
  7. Datfish

    What I need to complete my L20B

    I was wondering how you were growing palms in Norway :confused:
  8. Datfish

    A 620 in Texas

    Thanks, Hainz, I have spent alot of time cleaning items that most sane people would leave alone. The mains were NOS OEM, tho...$27 for the set. ...and that shot of the oiler is the after pic, it was ground half thru before the brazing Still haven't started it, got a nice Koyo Japanese clutch release brg. from Advance Auto...packaged with laser dual-image hologram on the box, quality and pride, awesome. Put the tranny in, cleaning and restoring the driveshafts tonite. Yea Mike, it's the original L16, number matches the plate on truck. So I decided to rebuild it instead of an L20. Don't know what happened with the head tho.
  9. Datfish

    A 620 in Texas

    Yep I was gonna do that for sure, but I saw DatsunMike (I think) say to actually pack some into the bearing thru the little opening like packing a wheel brg. I guess I'll see if it'll take any. Damnit my Civic clutch shit the bed today in stop ang go busy traffic. Fucked now. Don't know what's wrong...can't shift when engine running..I can feel the PP springy when I press and see throwout fork moving. Guess I'll drop the f'n tranny cuz something must be up with the pp. It's a Comp. Stage 4. Fidanza flywheel. It drives once under way and can rev match to shift, drove it home this way, blowing 2 red lights and several very stale yellows. Oh well, this ain't the Honda forum...just sucks to have another car on the injured list.
  10. Datfish

    A 620 in Texas

  11. Datfish

    A 620 in Texas

    Damn, those valves look like they are riding deep, but I already had to replace one seat, and the less machine work, the fewer chances for tragedy around here, so. You can see where a valve smacked that piston somehow... :no:
  12. Datfish

    A 620 in Texas

    I found OEM main brgs on Ebay, from Kuwait...they arrived, sure enuff! Hastings rings, Clevite rod brgs (Aluminum sadly, couldn't find bimetal ) Hitachi KA oil pump, Standard L16 crank from a 510 on ebay, ARP rod bolts in the original rods resized at my friend's machine shop.(Pray) Already had been running the Tsubaki timing set same make as OEM that I took off. Chain had broken a guide and wreaked havoc when I got it. Pieces of guide in bottom of timing cover lodged into the crank gears, crank pulley cracked, dowel on L16 cam broken, hence the swap to the Racer Brown...I had some lash pads but no deep retainers, hasn't spit one out yet. Those items have been replaced. Hitachi KA oil pump...made in Japan. Honda stainless dowels work if u shorten them! Checked some of the bearings, but not all Repaired my oil jet by brazing with brass and drilling with a wire-gauge bit after getting tired of looking for one, almost got one for an SR20.
  13. Datfish

    A 620 in Texas

    I've cleaned the frame rails and painted with Rustoleum Industrial Enamel. You can see where the frame was tweaked just behind the angular box sections, in front of the idler arm. Since it's forward of the suspension, I hope the truck's not ruined. I have one of the Klotz exhaust flanges, gonna try to fab a better downpipe and do a little bigger exhaust. I have some round top SU's and a Racer Brown cam I saved from my 510 in the 80's. ;) I know it's not optimal for the head/comp I have, probly, but it's what I have...the original carb was missing internals and ran badly. This isn't supposed to be fast, I have a boosted Honda for that, but the setup will look/sound good anyway. Wipe pattern and rocker geometry is kinda embarrassing right now, but I need this running and back together. Already was running the above combo when my boy ran it out of oil on the 40+ year old mill, spinning rod brg., I don't think anything was grenading. ]
  14. Datfish

    A 620 in Texas

    For Farmer Joe I had saved that sticker from approx. 1982, it was a Pioneer Seed one I got when workin' on Maggie's Farm during my misspent youth. I liked the esoteric reference to one the medicinal herbs I may have nurtured. The lower bar that's whack,and this is the good section..I guess they screwed/welded that tube for shape when it was "repaired" I started drilling it off with a big ass drill bit, but I'm gonna do the rest with the HF spot weld cutter. I was trying to see if it was easier than trying not to drill holes thru with the spot weld cutter when u don't stop in time, but it wasn't that much better. I saw an Aussie on youtube sharpen a drill bit to some flat angle to make a spot weld cutter but I lack the skill. The bad...top view bottom view tree or pole
  15. Datfish

    A 620 in Texas

    Yeah, I look every day...all over...There's an OEM one in Greece too....that one in Mexico is $400 after shipping, dude. There's probly one in some obscure yard somewhere around here. But a tube or other method wouldn't be too bad, it hides behind bumper and valance, the top ledge of mine is serviceable.

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