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Dimensions of a 70's 110 front end


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I need hood width, overall front width, fender hight, fender width from door to wheel well width and height of wheel well, from fender wheel well to front bumper, front bumper height and width.

I'm wanting to convert an 82 210 front end to a 70-73 110 front end 

 😂 if anyone can help me, that would be awesome, thank you

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I'll be out in the shop later this morning and see what I can get.

On the overall front width, do you mean with the body line?


The bumper height could be a problem as I have no bumpers on either car...but I do have bumpers.

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So I just did a quick measurement on the 1200 hood 48 1/8"


Also measured hoodledge to hoodledge on a 79 210: 50". There is a 210 hood out there but it is buried


No too sure that dog is gonna hunt. I have a 1200 fender laying around that I can mark all over but I gotta find it.


I'll be back later.

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Well, it's later.

Don't know how much help this is but...

The 1200 fender was buried and would have taken most of the day to get out and I got other shit to do.


From the back of the fender.


From the bottom rear of the fender.



Granted, these are just general as Missus Kelmo was disinclined to help after she seen a jack stand move what with the car about a foot in the air.

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