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  1. I need hood width, overall front width, fender hight, fender width from door to wheel well width and height of wheel well, from fender wheel well to front bumper, front bumper height and width. I'm wanting to convert an 82 210 front end to a 70-73 110 front end 😂 if anyone can help me, that would be awesome, thank you
  2. Also it's been converted to push to start. Has an aluminum radiator, the a/c is gone. The interior and gauge cluster has been changed ( and honestly don't even work 😂) idk lol I've got my work cut out for me
  3. https://topclassiccarsforsale.com/datsun/647848-1982-datsun-b-210-a15-series-engine-2-doors-77k-miles.html THe original ad that my buddy bought the car from, I can't believe I found it. 😂 I still don't have a fuckin clue what my buddy did to it but it definitely got a dent in the right front fender now, and I'm still confused about the headlights. But that's my car 😂😂😂
  4. I have a 2.5" all the way back and blasted up the rear 😂😂, It cost me 100$, tucked up and hung perfect. The one that came with my 210 was probably gorilla glued, cuz my muffler came separated from the exhaust and just dangled and bounced of the road till I stopped and ripped it off 😂😂
  5. The taillights look just like the 79, the front could be a 79 except it looks like an 82 even when you remove the grille but no 82 had round headlights. And the hood is hard to tell in some pictures of the 79. I appreciate your helping me figure this out, I just had a feeling this wasnt an 82 210 like the title says. And it's got an A15 Engine I believe, but I'm not so sure anymore either. I know it's too speed is 80mph though 😂 but it's honestly the best running engine I have ever come across, it's absolutely amazing. Edit: I'm absolutely dumbfounded I didn't figure out before, but every time I change the drive belt (because of slipping) that it keeps slipping because I might be buying the wrong belt... Ill post a picture of the engine, if you can help me figure out the exact A series it is so I can fix it 😆
  6. https://ibb.co/PC0YPjq The body doesn't look as angled and square like a 82, and the 82 grill as seen here https://ibb.co/k36L0yz obviously doesn't belong there, the hood is a little bent in the front corner but that still wouldn't change how flush it should be with an 82 grille
  7. Cool thanks. Have you ever heard of an 82 210 with factory round headlights? Mine has round headlights and there was no modification or cutting to fit them and if I wanted square ones like an 82 should have, I would need to modify to make room also I'm positive it's body is an 82 210. Im extremely lost as to how it has what seems like factory round headlights. I just want to make sure it's not rare and I cut it up to install my black LED square ones 😂 edit: I actually am starting to think the body of an 82 is a like more square than mine.. but I don't see a body that exactly matches mine. The title says 82 b210, which don't look the same, this might have been a barn find and the owner lost the title. I've tried to list it for sale before and entered it's year make and model and vin to the site and it kept telling me it didnt match. But another site accepted it. I honestly have no idea what year of 210 it could be, the front end looks like an 82 210, has round headlights like a 78 b210, idk I'm extremely confused
  8. I'm looking for some pictures of some that have a shaved front and rear bumper set up. I just don't like the blocky guards. Mine currently doesn't have them and just looks bare.
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