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Oil filer housing gasket


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Doesn't the oil filter just spin onto the block???? If running an adapter for oil coolr/extra filter.... just say so.



This??? You must have a much newer block than the one we got way back in '74. The L18 was used in other countries into the '80s and beyond. 




And something like this? (280zx oil cooler adapter)



I tried an oil filter ring and no go. Nissan may have one in stock, (mine didn't) so found a viton or nylon one at an auto parts store. It 'fits' and works but you have to hold in place while tightening so it doesn't go off center.


The Nissan 280zx turbo automatics had the oil cooler. The block gasket is #A5238-22000 I don't know what you have but worth a try as it at least fits the block.

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Mike thanks for the reply and pictures.  I am adding a remote filter to a 510 Road Race car.  I have oil filter spin on threaded stud to change however the one threaded into the block is not coming out.  The bolt pattern on the block in your picture is exactly what I have except my housing uses 4 bolts.  Just finished making gasket will see it it works a 60 PSI.

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The original pipe thread I used vice grips to loosen as there was no place to grip it, and I have lots of spares. Either will allow you to clock the adapter to clear engine mount or whatever. I got it for free and built an oil cooler for my 710 using a Ford 350 cooler. 



You know what? The engine can start running hot in the summer heat on a long climb so I figured loosing some heat from the oil would help but the highest oil temp ever was 90C and it probably blocks more air flow through the rad that it's worth. Next summer I'm removing and joining the pipes and see if the temp of the oil goes higher or not. If it does then it's doing something and will mount it behind the rad somewhere. 

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