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Propeller Slip Yoke Question

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Hi All,


Recently got the 5-speed transmission on my 71 510 rebuilt and working on putting it all back together. I noticed a few issues with the slip yoke. When taking the propeller off I noticed a small plate fell off from the slip yoke and later found out its the cover plate for the "vent hole" on the yoke.


Is there any venting through the plate or I can I reinstall the plate and seal it shut? I'd prefer not having gear oil leaking through that area.



The slip yoke surface that mates with the transmission output seal is worn and pitted, I'm debating if I should replace the slip yoke or put a repair sleeve on there. Napa has NOS 99138 which should be a fit. But at that price it might be better to buy a new slip yoke, zcardepot has part 800-656 however it does not have the dust cover. Thoughts on using this slip yoke w/o the dust cover?





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Looks ok to me. If you have it this far replace the seal in the end of the transmission. Be sure to grease it before you put it in so it doesn't start dry (she said)






Lightly hammer seal into place with block of wood over it then tap till seated. Or a suitable size socket.


The 5 speed has it's own vent. That has to be sealed up or transmission oil will seep out.

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Thanks Mike I've got a new seal there - will put some grease before installation. Would any of the grooving or pitting on the surface cause oil to leak out? I did have a transmission leak towards the back at the tail end but I don't know if it was from a worn seal, pitted/grooved yoke surface or loose cap on the yoke.

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