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Tyoe 60A transmission overhaul, setting countershaft bearing


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I thought since I had to replace the seals on one of my 5-speed transmissions since it was leaking a bit and out of the car anyway, I might as well do an overhaul.

Found a fairly complete kit at a good price and went for it.  Thing is, I'd left my factory manual at my other shop.  So, while most of the process is really very self-explanatory I did have an issue...


The front countershaft bearing.  It's supposed to be installed with a special tool I don't have and then shimmed with some shims I don't have either.

I understand the idea is for the counteshaft to have basically no play in thrust.  With that in mind, I fitted the adapter plate with the complete gearstack to the front housing, bolted them together and finding the countershaft too tight I tapped it to move said bearing out a touch until I had about .001 of end-play in the countershaft.  The first time I went too far and had to tap it back in until the shaft was tight and then back out.  Anybody have a better solution to this problem?

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It's called select fit I believe. The bearing should be well seated then a couple of measurements and a shim pack selected. If you had to move the bearing forward I would worry that it might move backwards and the clearance would be too loose. 

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It's a drive-fit in the hole and the hole has no bottom, so it relies on friction to stay seated.  This is sort of interesting since the countershaft is driven into the adapter plate when the motor is driving the car but if you are engine braking some percentage of the thrust from the countershaft does push on this bearing-with-no-bottom.

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On 1/6/2020 at 9:23 PM, datzenmike said:

It was a guess. the 71B are hammered on till they bottom.


Ah I see that it's a needle bearing with the thrust washer between it and the counter gear. 

Exactly.  Since it locates the countershaft when there is no load, it seems like too tight and things will wear but a little loose and all you get is a slight increase in noise or wear when decelerating.  It feel about right in terms of drag and pushing on things I can just get a dial indicator to wiggle, so from 0-.0004" is where I think I'm at.

I finally reunited the gearbox to the A14 and set them both into the 1200 coupe where they will be living from here on.  Now I have to work out the motor mounts, but that's another thread and sub-forum!

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