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1985 720 z24 Stock Carb Unused Ports


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Hey All,


I've got a 1985 720 4x4 KC ST z24 MT with an OEM carb on it. I hooked up all the emissions lines as the book dictates, and it runs great, but on the left side of the carb there are two ports that are capped off and I don't see anywhere for them to go. If you happen to know where they're supposed to route to I'd love to hear it.




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Almost for sure it's for high altitude compensation. (not used on yours) As you rise in altitude a carburetor air/fuel mixture become richer as the air is less dense. Above 5,000 feet this becomes a problem of poor mileage and hydro carbon (HC) emissions so a compensator allows air to bleed into the carburetor to lean out the mixture. .

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