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Charging issues

86720 ST

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Maybe it was neither. What were the reasons for replacement? What was the truck doing or not doing?


Does the red charge light come on when you turn the ignition ON but don't start it?

Is the red charge light on when running?


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I imagine you traded in your original alternator? Not much to go bad, bearings or brushes. You used to be able to get a replacement brush kit for $5.


Replacement (rebuilt) alternators today are very inferior to the originals and in many cases they are what is known as 'bad in the box'. The failure of 'brand new' alternators can approach 50% I've heard. An original Hitachi alternator from the dealer is close to $400 so with a 50% mark up that's a close to $200. What do these 're-manufactured' and 'guaranteed for life' ones go for?   Take it to NAPA or where it can be tested for free and see what's up.

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