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1982 720 king cab 2wd both fl/fr hub assembly


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I got a 1982 720 king cab 2wd project it needs front steering rebuild kit but I have a hard time find front left and front right hub assembly. Can Anyone point me in the right way to find these parts or some good part number that I could try cross reference with

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The hubs don't wear out. The inner and outer bearings in side are replaceable but have nothing to do with the steering. They only support the vehicle weight and let the rim and tire turn.


What's the build date on the door jam? There's a lot of changes on trucks built in late '82 that were '83 model years.


 There are a L&R side rods, each with a ball joint on both ends plus a cross rod to link them together also with a ball joint on each end, and an idler arm that has a bushing. All these can be replaced if worn out. The side rod connects to the steering knuckle, which turns the hub. The steering box can also wear and develop some play. Judicious adjustment can remove some of this.

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As datzenmike pointed out, these trucks run two separate bearings. Inner and outer and can be had from any parts store. You will also need wheel bearing grease as they will need to be greased before installing. If the are not roaring or hard to turn or having another problem put of them then leave them he. You will also need the wheel seals if you end up replacing.

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