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69 datsun 510, holley sniper efi 2300, 123 bluetooth controlled distributor

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Well, it's been a battle. And even after fighting my go pro and losing, here it is. Quite possibly the first 510 with a "bolt on" holley sniper efi 2300 2 bbl. And a bluetooth controlled distributor. I wanna thank EVERYONE who has chimed in to help me with this struggle. But finally after almost 6 months, here she is running. Needs to be tuned, warmed up to temp to see that everything works. Already spotted a coolant leak at the temp sensor. No biggie. Needs to be wired properly now, and needs throttle linkage. But shes alive!!!!!!!!!!


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38 minutes ago, datzenmike said:



So what was the problem???

To be honest, I added crimped ends onto the wiring, bolted that down right. Ran a ground wire from the dizzy body to the battery. New battery, cleaned plugs, which were pretty wet.. and just messed with the throttle while I cranked it. I was so bummed cause I've been at it all day. I didn't have the gopro running when it first fired. It really surprised me..

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