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Gtx head gaskets


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So I recently picked up a b210 that has an a14 with a gtx head on it and manifolds off of a 310 I think. Currently all the manifold and head gaskets look like they’re just the make a gasket goop stuff. Does anybody know if the head gasket set is going to be the same as the original a14 set up that came in the car? I’ll upload pictures of it later

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Surprised no one has responded to this.  The key factors is what type of head the car has.  The head type is stamped into the head inside of the top on spark plug side (if I remember correctly).  Just removing the valve cover will allow you to see the head type which you can then Google to see if its a round port of Oval port head.  B210's with an A14 generally came with an H89 Oval Port head. (the ports in question being intake ports).   And now that I think of it, just looking at the intake where it meets the head will tell you round or oval.

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