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  1. Hey Jbird. I don't know how many spots you have left available but I have 2, 210's that would need a couple of tent spots if that's possible.
  2. My biggest issue is the mounting points and something that fits in the b pillar. The current retractor lays flatter than most since the b pillar is so shallow. I’m gonna look into the Jeep belts though and see if they fit
  3. It shows two seperate retractors for the shoulder and lap belts
  4. Mines a 210 and not a b210. The 1200 wiki shows that they’re extremely different. My biggest problem Is finding a mechanism that is small enough to fit in the shallow b pillar and under the plastic cover.
  5. 1980 wagon, black interior
  6. So I bought a 1980 210 wagon and the drivers side seatbelt is in less than safe condition. I drove the car home with the seatbelt lazily drooped over me since it was stuck all the way out and the belt itself is in tatters. So my question is what possible alternatives do I have to put in and keep a "stock" look. It's damn near impossible to source original ones online either new or used, so are there any alternatives that would fit inside the panelling. (720?200sx?310?) pictures of my situation soon to come...
  7. I mean worse case scenario I could fab up a way to attach the round headlight ones in. I mainly just want to know if it's a bolt on conversion, no fab required.
  8. So I wrecked the front end of my 81 and I'm able to straighten the frame out but the only parts car close by for panels and a hood is a 79 210 round headlight. I was wondering if you are able to just take the panels and swap them or if the frame underneath is slightly different. I'm looking to replace the hood, bumpers, headlight buckets, front fenders, and grill.
  9. So I was working late last night and I got done with my shift to come out and find that my car had been broken into. They took a lot of things (including the registration which pissed me off) but essentially there isn't much I can do about it. So they smashed the vent window passenger side and I was wondering if anybody had a replacement, or could give me a lead on one. I've checked inventories of all my local wrecking yards and none of them have 210's in the lot. The other thing i was looking for was a 81 210 owners manual because for whatever reason they took that too. If anyone could help me out it'd be much appreciated. Thanks. https://imgur.com/uoo548U
  10. I have an 81 210 and my dash lights don't work. All the bulbs are good and all the grounds seem to be good, so I thought it was the dimmer switch/rheostat. I went to the local junkyard and pulled the only replacement they have to see if it works and it doesn't. All the other lights on the dash work along with tail lights and running lights and headlights and such. Any tips? I did read this thread http://community.ratsun.net/topic/65871-dash-lights-not-working/but I don't know if the rerouting trick they did there will work and personally I don't want to try it and find out it didn't work and I know have to replace all the bulbs.
  11. Oh yay. Well, thanks for the help.
  12. So do you have any idea what seats I could swap in? I was told that these seats the last guy put in are on the stock seat rails. So that's what i have to work with since I don't want to put in new seat rails.
  13. Thanks for the help. Here are the couple pictures I took. [/url]">http:// I don't know if the pictures are really even relevant but there they are anyways.
  14. Hi so I have a 1981 datsun hatchback and some guy who had the car before me put in different seats than the stock ones. The stock seat rails are in there but aftermarket seats that fit those rails. I was wondering what seats are compatible with 210 stock seat rails and or if anyone knows where i could even get stock seats. These new seats wouldn't be an issue but I'm tall and don't fit with these fancy seats. If pictures are needed of what the seats currently are I'm gonna need someone to explain how to post pictures.
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