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1980 Datsun 210 Wagon - Brake Caliper


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Sister has a 1980 Datsun 210 Wagon. The calipers are old and sticking. Believe the piston is staying compressed and the brakes don't release from the front.


Wondering where I could buy the brake calipers, pads, and rotors for this vehicle. I checked on Rockauto but I want to consult with you guys to make sure that the parts are correct.

The only ones in stock are Raybestos, but they don't look right. RAYBESTOS FRC3024 - - RAYBESTOS FRC3023..


Should I try to rebuild them? I haven't taken the calipers off so I don't know if the piston is still in good shape and just needs new seals.

Is there am alternative brake upgrade for this car that fits well without having to buy extra parts to make it work?


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If they aren't leaking, try new rotors and pads. The caliper piston will have to be retracted to fit the larger pads and this will likely solve the problem. I would measure the existing rotor and see what it would cost to have it turned down properly vs. outright replacement.


Also there are parts of the caliper (yoke)that have to slide as the old pads wear down. If it sticks only one pad is doing all the work. You might find one pad severely worn and the other not. 





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I find the stock brakes to work pretty well, all things considered.

The issues I've had with these are:

1) the rubber hoses swell up on the inside, well worth the ~$30 for three new flex lines.

2) people never change the fluid and after it gets all waterlogged the pistons rust up a bit and drag. 

In both cases when you step on the brakes you have a lot of pressure, so things will move if they can at all, but when you let off the brake the little bit of spring tension isn't nearly enough to overcome the drag in the system.  Disassemble and flush all four corners and replace the soft lines if you don't know when they were last changed and you might be done.

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