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Inside door panels for 510

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Has anyone done business with www.new-datsun-parts.com ?

If so, what is your feedback on their products?

They have no telephone number to ask questions, which always makes me feel uneasy.

Thanks for your comments.

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I just bought new hatch glass weatherstripping from them about a month ago. Shipped out quick and quality was fair. It was aftermarket so it’s not perfect but it’ll do the job and felt like better rubber than the old datsunland stuff. I’d buy from them again.

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I have used them for quite some time now and have had no issues to date.  There is a spot on their website that allows you to ask questions.  As a matter of fact, when I am done looking at Ratsun this morning, I will be ordering some parts and asking them some questions.



EDIT: Was just on their site and they are closed until June 11.

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