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Resurrection of a Vintage Wide Body

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So I bought this car a couple of years ago solely because I wanted a project Z, this one was cheap, had a very 80s looking body kit, and some awesome looking wheels. Then I brought it home and realized I had a rust pit held together with Dondo. Fast forward a few years. New motivation in finding a wonderfully rust-free shell and the dream is revived. Hoping to end up with a really fun runabout. The kind of car that loves mountain roads and the occasional track day. Nothing crazy, but maybe something to make a little more horsepower as well. I would also like to add that, I have no information on the kit itself. Don't know the brand or year, so I would appreciate any information on it. I'm aware my aspirations require funds, and am prepared to take the time to do everything right. I'll get pictures up the next time i have access to my camera. Thanks!

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You should drive the Z to The Mitty at Road Atlanta this April. Their's a contengent of 510's meeting in Maggie Valley NC Friday April 27th at about noon for lunch and a drive through the Smokey Mountains down to Road Atlanta. It'll be an easy drive from New Hampshire as compaired to Canby last year.

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Large update. The little time I had to work on the car went into pulling the driver's side flare, getting mad at the passenger's side flare, and pulling the engine.


Thats some car that should be...




Ready?(or should i say redi...)


Go!(see what i did there?)


Needs a bath.


Have i mentioned that im pretty sure this car was wrecked at one time?


So how was your weekend?


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Just some future planning. I’ve read that an e88 Head can be machined down some as well as ported and polished to give some extra oomph. I’m ok with needing higher revs to see peak horse power, but don’t really wanna do anything you can’t run on pump gas. Just curious as to what people have done, even if it isn’t really something I could end up doing.

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I have a friend who did a v8 swap, and was contemplating getting the eljetronic setup from his 280 to put on my car. Is this a hard swap? Are there any wiring kits to make these swaps easier. I will admit I’ve read around and everyone says it’s not worth it, but has anyone here ever tried it? Love to learn a little more about it. Do have some experience with the Bosch system, as my father has had a Porsche 912E for some time now.

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