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New 1973 610 Wagon


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About a couple months ago I purchased a 610 wagon for $600 and it was a little better than I expected it started but you had to stick a screwdriver in the starter to get it to start so bought a starter for 30 bucks but a week later battery died and that’s where I am now haven’t done a lot to it besides flush out the old gas and remove the tattered headliner is there anything else I can do to it as of now that wouldn’t break the bank

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Welcome to Ratsun, Wagoons. If you have a picture hosting site other than Photobucket please post some pictures of the early 610.


Hope you kept the old starter. Probably only the solenoid the rest is probably alright. Always try to keep old parts they are better than the stuff sold as 'rebuilt'.


Definitely dump the old rad water out unless obviously clean and clear green with antifreeze.


Engine oil change if dark. Use Valvoline or GTX oils that say racing on the bottle. They contain the normal levels of anti scuff ZDDP additives your Datsun needs. All oils today have slowly been phasing out this zinc additive because they all use roller cams and the zinc ruins the new catalytic converters. Another choice is 15W40 Shell Rotella T (it may be called T4 now) or 15W40 Chevron Delo 400. Both are light diesel oils with the proper levels of ZDDP in it. 


Standard transmissions use 80w90 GL4 oil. Do NOT use GL5 even if told to. Transmission oil must say copper alloy or yellow metal compatible otherwise. About 3 pints or just under 2 liters.


Automatic..... change if cloudy or anything other than clear bright red in color. 1.5 gallons DEXRON


Differential.... 90W GL5 one liter or 2.5 pints. This is where GL5 belongs.


Set valve lash with engine hot

Clean gap plugs

Gap or replace the points.

Set timing

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