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    1973 610 Wagon
  1. Wagoons

    New 1973 610 Wagon

    Thanks for the help fairly new appreciate the help here are the photos I took https://ibb.co/gSxBfG https://ibb.co/hZ5xLG https://ibb.co/mNUeZb https://ibb.co/gWpeZb https://ibb.co/m2Va7w https://ibb.co/k9F8Sw https://ibb.co/gwAxLG https://ibb.co/fD2zZb https://ibb.co/cSDv7w https://ibb.co/juZeZb
  2. Wagoons

    New 1973 610 Wagon

    About a couple months ago I purchased a 610 wagon for $600 and it was a little better than I expected it started but you had to stick a screwdriver in the starter to get it to start so bought a starter for 30 bucks but a week later battery died and that’s where I am now haven’t done a lot to it besides flush out the old gas and remove the tattered headliner is there anything else I can do to it as of now that wouldn’t break the bank

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