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78 280z alternator wiring.. Colors differ from factory but appear oem


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Getting close to driving the project z for the first time :thumbup: Wiring in a zx distributor, Schematic says I should have a 6 pin connector off the voltage regulator containing all the wires I need. I have a 4 pin round connector and separate 2 pin round connector females just hanging out. Colors in those don't appear to match the schematic. external regulator was removed before I got it, and I have this:(looking down into engine bay from passenger side)



Made an attempt at what I think is right. I have:

12 gauge yellow with red stripe

12 gauge white with red stripe 

10 gauge black quantity 2

18 gauge green(next to yellow and red in "T" connector

18 gauge green coming off white with red stripe


The "T" connector crumbled in my hand but I believe this is how they were organised. Although this is backwards from the zx harness. Colors are not similar but gauges are. 


Two blacks are grounds? 


Green coming off white with red stripe for noise capacitor?


Plug hanging off alternator not used?


I was following schematics from atlantic z on this swap and colors did not match up, pictures were also different. Both 12 gauge's were hot with key on. Gauge sizes are approximate 


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The '78 model year starts with June '77 production dates. Anything after June or July is a '78. '78 is regarded as the year ALL Datsuns switched to the internal regulated alternators. ALL swapped to the EI ignition system except California which already had some form of it.

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