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I'm new. 79 620 flatbed rat. Rear lights?


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Ok so I got a 79 datsun 620 pickup. The rear lights consist of just 2 round brake lights. They work as brake lights and blinkers. In my jurisdiction I need running lights, brake lights, blinkers, reverse and license plate light. Front light section is fine but I really like to drive at night. Any clever/fun suggestions to fix this? I know electricity and have identified the rear wiring harness and stuff and can solder and have basic tools. Also this hot little muffin has less than 30,000 miles!

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Identify which wire back there has power for running lights. Then buy a little utility trailer light installation kit. Run that in between the tail light wires and the two round lights you have. Those round lights sound like basic trailer lights.


Wire up reverse lights separate. You may need to buy and install some. You might just go with the same style of trailer light but with a clear lens. 

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The odometer only goes to 99,999 and then zero's itself. 130,000 is more likely. Look at the brake pedal, driver's seat, shift lever, carpet or lining under the gas pedal, arm rest... these are all good indicators of mileage/use. Hacked wiring under the dash is another, lots of replacement parts like rad or fuel pump. For 30K it could still have the original muffler and no clamps on it..

So you need the two side markesr, a license plate lamp and two running lights. All can be powered from the same source.

Back up lights are optional but very handy to have.

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