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gearbox swap

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Welcome to Ratsun Karroulias. I'm aware of the J15 engine being in other models of the 620 sold elsewhere like Mexico. I was not aware that the F4W71B was ever used in them, are you sure? Usually an F4W63 was used. If your transmission has a removable pan with a drain on the bottom it's an F4W63, like this?




Let me know what you have. Maybe a picture?




If you do have an F4W71B then yes, an FS5W71B five speed should fit right in as long as the lengths are the same. I don't know what would have one in Greece. Maybe...


'78 and up 280z

'79 and up non turbo 280zx


910 Maxima

'80-'83 S110 200sx

'84-'86 S12

'811-'86 720


The top two have six cylinder engines and would most likely have the 71B transmission. The other four might have smaller less powerful engines in Europe and have a lighter transmission. I don't know.




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