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620 crank no start

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Hello I have a 1979 620 l20b I turned it on after driving and it was bogging and wouldn't accelerate then it stalled out. Then I would try to start it again yet it would only crank but wouldn't turn on any input? Ignition coil? It's running a Mallory ignition coil btw Thanks in advance

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You need gas and spark to run....


I hate after market crap that used to have a reputation. The only coil made for your year truck is the one from Nissan. That 'Mallory' coil might be intended for a distributor with points. The high power Electric Ignition you have in your '79 will over heat and fry a points coil.


Pull a spark plug wire off and stick an old plug in the end. Lay on a grounded surface and crank the engine over. Got spark?


If yes I'll assume it's alright for now, and say there is a fuel problem.

If no/not sure, put your good original coil back in.


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This thread concerns a B210, but a lot of the ideas for trouble shooting will apply to your truck.




As datzenmike says, check for spark using a plug. If you have good spark, then on to checking fuel issues. See if you can narrow your problem down a little using info in the B210 thread, then we may be able to help with more specific things.



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