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napz carbs


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I like metal, and dislike folk music. My neighbor blasts "All things considered" and loves folk music.... my point is "sounds better" is VERY subjective, and also HIGHLY dependant on supporting mods (exhaust, cam, dished or domed pistons).

As for "better pull" you will get mostly subjective answers sans dyno tickets. These motors (stock) aren't really massive power makers, so a total or 2mm of carb difference may be semantics. Plus its not like you cant rejet either one.
From experience, tuning maters more than those 2 mm, so choose the one you feel is easier/better for you to tune, upkeep, afford, or find first.

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The Z series were not good breathing heads, so adding more carb is a poor return on your investment. A Weber will give you more bottom and mid grunt but the Z24 is not a high revving screamer. You want sound get a turbo muffler.

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