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Decent repro tail lights

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Maybe easy to find, but I like it when people post links to their random finds, so.... :thumbup:






I was browsing 620 parts but I saw on here how hard the 520 guys work to rebuild their stockers....didn't know if this would help.

Price isn't outrageous.

Are they correct? As in design?

That cad plating is exciting.

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I've got a set.  The soft drink can light dividers are... well... interesting.  The somewhat threaded lens mount hole in the bucket should be chased with a tap or spare screw BEFORE installing the lenses so you don't accidentally crack the lens while you're fighting to get the screw in.  I ended up tossing the new buckets in the parts box and just freshening up the original buckets and cleaning out the bulb sockets.  I only needed lenses anyway.  

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I received one in the mail... only one.  I emailed the guy and he immediately sent another one, but this is international shipping, so the whole process took awhile.  The 2nd one he mailed me has a broken cover, but I think I can still work with it.  They're not great quality, but they'll do. 

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