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  1. justinrhenry


    That's pretty awesome. I wouldn't know how to begin to do that and I know I don't have the tools. I bet that extra room is nice though.
  2. justinrhenry


    Interesting. Got pictures? I didn't have my forklift seat bolted down at first and I was moving all over the place. Of course it has a metal shell.
  3. justinrhenry


    I feel like what I have now is pretty similar to a bomber seat, although a quick internet search shows me there might be some better bomber seat options than what I have now. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. justinrhenry


  5. justinrhenry


    yeah, that's a decent idea. I like the idea of bucket seats though. having the bench high enough to get over the hump makes kinda too high no matter what.
  6. justinrhenry


    I've had my 520 for a couple months. I read on this forum someone said they were 6'3" and they fit in the 520 fine. Well, I'm 6'4" and I don't. The bench seat, that I assume was original, didn't work at all. I had zero head room and had to slide down in the seat as much as I could. That wasn't easy because then I didn't have any leg room. So I removed the bench seat and for now I have a tiny little seat in it. It's basically a forklift seat. It does the job. I have plenty of head room, but it's not ideal. Does anyone have any suggestions on seats I could put in the truck that will give me room and be more like a car/truck seat than what I have now? I'm sorry about the huge picture. I don't know how to make it smaller.
  7. justinrhenry

    New owner of 520

    Looks really good. Nice work.
  8. justinrhenry

    Decent repro tail lights

    I received one in the mail... only one. I emailed the guy and he immediately sent another one, but this is international shipping, so the whole process took awhile. The 2nd one he mailed me has a broken cover, but I think I can still work with it. They're not great quality, but they'll do.
  9. justinrhenry

    Decent repro tail lights

    I just bought a pair. We'll see.

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