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Been away for a long time. Sold my 411.....

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So I was really busy with work and life in general, kind of back burnered all of my project cars, and was thinking of getting back to them when I hurt my back at work. 3 months of "oh its a strain" turned into a herniated disc, and one bulging. Had surgery and though all would be well.    Now its been over a year out of work, with pretty much no anything as far as being able to work on cars, or anything, for that matter.  I sold my 73 510 to a guy from NY.  Not really the money issue, just the sad to see it sit there thing. 


       When he came up to Maine to get it, I gave him the tour of all the now idle projects, and he saw the 411. Well, he sent a check and now owns it as well. He does phenomenal metal work, so I actually feel good about seeing it go to him. Kind of like when I bought it, the previous owner knew Id treat it right. It hurts to see it go, but its different knowing what it will be when he is done.  I did keep my 71 510, and have a friend who is going to be media blasting it, and getting it primed and sealed, then it will sit for a bit, until it is reborn as a #46 tribute car. Im going to try to get Anthony (the 411 and 510's new owner) to get on here and do a resto thread on both cars. Ill still be poking around, just a couple Datsuns lighter these days....

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It does suck to let them go.. but often it's the best option. I'm selling a few of my cars for the same reason. Love the cars to death... but I just don't drive them. I don't have a big enough space to store them inside.. so naturally they have seen the weather and it's only getting worse.


It will be a sad day when they are sold.. but like you said, maybe no so bad if they go to the right owner.

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