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  1. So I was really busy with work and life in general, kind of back burnered all of my project cars, and was thinking of getting back to them when I hurt my back at work. 3 months of "oh its a strain" turned into a herniated disc, and one bulging. Had surgery and though all would be well. Now its been over a year out of work, with pretty much no anything as far as being able to work on cars, or anything, for that matter. I sold my 73 510 to a guy from NY. Not really the money issue, just the sad to see it sit there thing. When he came up to Maine to get it, I gave him the tour of all the now idle projects, and he saw the 411. Well, he sent a check and now owns it as well. He does phenomenal metal work, so I actually feel good about seeing it go to him. Kind of like when I bought it, the previous owner knew Id treat it right. It hurts to see it go, but its different knowing what it will be when he is done. I did keep my 71 510, and have a friend who is going to be media blasting it, and getting it primed and sealed, then it will sit for a bit, until it is reborn as a #46 tribute car. Im going to try to get Anthony (the 411 and 510's new owner) to get on here and do a resto thread on both cars. Ill still be poking around, just a couple Datsuns lighter these days....
  2. smelt240

    I wish there were more Ratsun-ers in Maine....

    Well, the weather isnt getting any better yet, I did go sit in my grey car, we should be getting going on it within a month, once the ridiculous Monte carlo is painted. Im not afraid to run my car a good distance, to hook up with a group. My only fear in one of the other forums Im on, is the group drives. those guys go nuts in their STi's - and i have a CDL. Lose my licensce lose my job lose my house is the equation there. Anyway, as the weather gets better, things will start happening fast around my place. Ive got a guy hired to do a bunch of work for me, im pretty limited with my right arm being pretty much wasted. I posted on a few other Mainers topics about a meet and greet, I think we can make it happen! Spring HAS to get here someday.... 3 feet still on the ground at my place...
  3. smelt240

    my new 620

    Hmmm ANOTHER nut in maine? As Ive posted in a few other spots, I am looking to put together the first maine meet and greet this spring/ summer. I also watched this truck on CL, but would rather it go to someone who doesnt already have 8 or 10 projects simmering. Seems like it went to a good home!. I have an 06 WRX wagon, a 97 OBS, 2 510s, a 411SSS and the 620... have fun with this thing, i drove mine for a couple years til the rust goblins ate it (it was on its way out when i bought it though) If I could sit in it without the seat falling on the ground, Id still drive it!
  4. smelt240

    1976 honey bee restoration

    Hey, just going thru searching for Maine and found this. We are going to try and put together a Maine meet. PM me if interested. Anyone else from Maine I havent talked to, feel free to do the same. Also, I love the car! Im actually not sure if this is ratty enough for our meet... maybe just dont wash it first. Haha!
  5. smelt240

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Ive been away for a bit... I think i have a few old NOS grant wheel adapters in my endless boxes of parts... Ill take a look next time Im going thru stuff down there. I have the old 3 spoke chrome jobs on my grey 510 and the 620, the blue one still has the "ships wheel" The Monte goes for paint next week, then the 510 gets my nearly full attention. I got 2 pieces of paper saying my arm and thumb injuries are "permanent impairment", so the hopes for a real recovery are getting smaller, but I can still pick away at things. biggest problem is the weakness makes it really hard to power shift anything. I guess I need to go RHD.....
  6. smelt240

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Ok, after more, more, and then more thought, I need to see your 510 soon. Ive had 3 SR powered 240sx coupes, and think this is what i need in my grey car. Im buying another L16 this weekend, just because its there, but that could go in my blue car for my wife. If we are going to have any sort of 510 group, I cant be slow. Also, I would trade a ride in your car for a ride in my lowrider Monte. Possibly more rare in these parts than the Datsuns. you bring the Dr Dre cds.
  7. smelt240

    I wish there were more Ratsun-ers in Maine....

    Well, i might as well post here too. i never saw any of this til a couple days ago. There are a few of us here in maine. I have the 2 510 2 doors, a 67 RL411, and a 78 620, which is probably going to be set up for the ice next year, its fading fast to the rust disease... I usually have a couple turboed 240sx coupes around as well... My buddy Rich in Monmouth has a 260Z that just went under a total restification, lots of upgrades, and an RB might be in its not too distant future. He also has a 67 Roadster. A guy in brunswick has a green 510, i have yet to meet him, but met some guys who know him out at the ice races the other day. Ill catch up with him soon now. theres a tan all orig 510 4 door in Whitefield, all on the road, but hes not into it for the right reasons. Just transportation. Thats no fun. Ive seen a few various others around, a guy out on the ice has a 210 with a KA, its a street car, cant wait to see it. And now theres the 4 door 510 guy on here, so we are around, just need some sort of a meet and greet. As youve seen now, Maine is way too big for a car group thats so small. I belong to Mainely Subarus, and we have to divide our meets into 3 groups, just because of the distances we would have to travel. (side note-old Subarus are surprisingly Datsun-ish, plus they are awd, one of the best cars to own here) I get so irratated with the weather here, there is really only 4 good months of driving weather here, between snow, mud and frost heaves... Im on and off with my internet, but we need to all meet up somehow. I will have my 72 510 on the road soon, and if the deal falls thru with my 411, I will drive that again this year. It looks wild with the big ol SSR mesh wheels on it... We will make this awful place more tolerable!
  8. smelt240

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Well, just for an example (and nobody take this the wrong way, I am a odd car nut- if its odd, Ill own/ drive it) I just picked up a 1979 Monte Carlo lowrider, looks just like the car in Training Day... yes spokes, hydraulics the whole thing... had to have it- perfect Maine car... back to the story. The previous owner went NUTS with a DA sander on 4 previous repaints. Then sprayed it black , up close, the car looks like sh*t. My body guy is taking it down (by hand) to metal, priming (4 coats), blocking, sealing, base and clear (black). He has a bad case of OCD or something, and says it will not leave his shop til its laser straight. $1300. Cant be beat. his work is amazing. my buddy had a 1992 turbo legacy done by him. Showstopper. And yes, ive had the 411(and the 510s) on and off CL, a member from NC on here wants to come and get it once our wonderful weather changes. I really hate to sell it, but I havent driven it lately, and he sounds quite excited to have one. It would free up some Datsun money to finish up the grey 510. I ripped my arm up pretty bad, and working on car is a lot harder for me to do now, so i pay to get some stuff done that I would have done before... And finally, we need to pick a car show toward the middle of summer, and try to meet up. A really cool spot is Ainslee's market in Gardiner. they do a thursday night cruise-in, gets a couple hundered cars on a nice afternoon. We wouldnt fit in, but those street rod guys are 90% cool with old imports. I wouldnt want to pull in with a Civic with a shopping cart wing, but think we would be OK. Bit of a haul from Bangor 1.5 hours, but kind of close to Auburn or Gray... Litchfield also has a pretty big show in August.
  9. smelt240

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    I just saw this as well. PM me, Im about 75 mins south of you, but I know a great body and paint guy here in Litchfield. And yes, we NEED to have a Maine meet!
  10. smelt240

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Another Maineiac??? Id be interested in doing up a Maine meet! Talked to a guy yesterday out on Sabattus lake, hes got a 210 with a KA swap, Ive got a couple 510s and a RL411, if the 411 doesnt sell this spring, my buddy has a 260Z and a roadster... We should make this happen at some car show this summer. Im not far from Auburn or Gray, right in Litchfield!!
  11. smelt240

    Need a little 4-1-1

    Pics are slow. It is -13 here right now, with snow and a 25 mph wind plus the 3 feet of snow from before, and an inch and a half or so of ice on all the trees..... Luckily i put fresh coolant in when I redid the grille and lights! As soon as this weather breaks, im going to make the rounds with the booster pak, and start all the toys that are hiding around the house. I hate to see this car go, but then again, I hate to see it sit when there is someone out there who will use it, and be further South than me, so they can enjoy it more. We had a lot of fun though. As for highway speeds.... 65 is NO problem, 75 is easy, 85..well....we might have done that once or twice.... and 95 is about it.... the acceleration is where it shines (for what it is). Someone who can shift well wont have any trouble in light to light fun. It is surprisingly quick. No, it wont beat my SR'd 240sx, but you can make kids in loud Civics go home frowning...
  12. smelt240

    Need a little 4-1-1

    hey,its Alan, i actually found your post. We just got another foot of snow, with another foot plus coming thursday into friday. Will have pics of the 411 and possibly a video of the car running and maybe doing some shenaningans in the yard. We dont use any salt in the driveway, so no worries about it getting "salted"
  13. smelt240

    411 Stainless Steel Exhaust Kit (for R16)

    Since the exhaust seems to be sold, Ill add in my .02 ... you guys think a 411 stands out in your area? Drive one in Maine! there are next to no Datsuns at all left here. Mine may be sold today, but if so, it is going to a good home. What a great car to drive and enjoy. Mine is far from a show car, but has been a lot of fun. My lack of garage space, and the rotten weather here, plus a pretty torn up arm are influencing the sale. Its been a lot of fun though....
  14. smelt240

    Street Fighter 411!

    Just to let you know, you would be the 2nd person in maine with a 411 that i know of. I dont get online much anymore, but have a 67 RL411SSS. Im down by Augusta. Mine may be sold, though, with both of my 510s and my 620... deal should be either a yay or nay later this afternoon.. That car needed some really serious work underneath, I heard the PO was going to junk it, so its good it was saved, my email if you is easy to figure out, add an aol.com . If the deal doesnt go thru, Id be willing to pass it on to another Datsun nut. 2 510 2 doors 71 and 73, 73 needs rockers, and minor other little rust repairs, 71 is a roller in primer, in really good shape, 90% new black interior on the shelf, 3 or 4 good motors, all L16Bs and 20Bs, plus the RL which was on the road last year, goes and sounds great, some body rust, (now in primer with a rising sun hood), but still a great car, undercarrige is very solid... 78 620 mainly for the L20b/4spd running gear, new clutch, all there but rusty, plus a truckload of NOS parts in boxes, extra wheels, shelby magnesium 13" wheels with goodyear slicks, slots, meshies.... I just bought a (uh oh, here it comes) 79 Monte Carlo lowrider, and want to get it 100% done. Im looking for $7500 cash firm for the entire package, there is a 4 foot tall pile of factory shop manuals for 510 411 roadster 210...and aftermarket race manuals, dellorto carbs, new old stock cannon intake for the L20, extra SU manifolds for the R engine, just a load of stuff. For an extra $1500 theres a set of JDM SSR reverse 15x8 meshies also. Sounds like a lot of cash, but well worth it if youre serious. I hurt my arm, and cant do a lot of auto work anymore... if the deal doesnt go thru today, this will all be listed on here, I cant seperate it though.
  15. smelt240

    1967 Toyota Corona

    Were going to try to get over there tomorrow...I cant drive right now, I messed my arm up bad, so I need to find people to drive me around.... big fun

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