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Volvo weatherstripping


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I don't know if it may be easier to get parts for the 720 in the USA, in Sweden it is almost impossible though.....

I had a problem with the weatherstripping around the door opening (not on the door), the rubber part came loose and was hanging into the cab, not only was it worthless as weatherstripping but I was also tired of grabbing it all the time when trying to reach for the seatbelt...


I found out that the shape and size of 1st gen Volvo S70/V70 doors was almost identical, and they use the same kind of weatherstripping, but with thicker rubber (so if anything, it will seal better). I just had to trim them at the bottom, and cut away the seal at the same places as it is cut at the 720 (Volvo has seals around the whole door opening while it seems like the 720 has only around the side window).


A little bit more effort required to close the door, but not impossible.


Probably Volvo 850 rubber might work as well since you can use S/V70 doors on an 850.....but I can't guarantee that.

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