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411 timing


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Are you checking it with old timer timing light or advance-able type??


Have you checked to see the timing mark ( on pulley ) doesn't show up on other side of timing chain cover,,,i changed a chain AND PULLEY once and it showed up on the drivers side somehow... Engine still ran completely normal so i'm not sure if it was chain or pulley.

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Oh,, i thought you were asking not making a statement..    Yeah it's a bitch just make sure you mark timing mark tab on front cover and v in the pulley with a welding paint stick real good and use adjustable timing light so you can really jamb that sucker in there.


You might have guessed why one would repaint the fan a bright color like white or like my idiot friend did,,, paint florescent orange stripes on the end like a WW2 airplane.. It won't hurt less but at least you will see it coming.


I'm also assuming J1300??

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