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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bGMpfhwqiaCt1cCB8
  2. Mike, pushing the lever forward locks the brights on. looks like my pull is non-functional. Are your parking lights on with the headlights on?
  3. here is the corrected schematic https://photos.app.goo.gl/rgeg1bF4ZNLcVQrw8
  4. OK! that relay schematic is completely wrong!! Took me hours to figure it out. quick question and i'll post the correction - when your headlights are on ( full pull ) are your front parking lights on? Pushing the blinker lever forward with parking lights on, turns on driving lights, with the driving lights on, turns on the brights - just like the manual! does a pull on the blinker lever flash your brights? or is mine broken? Ken
  5. confirmed - black ( blue ) is the ground......
  6. blue wire in this image
  7. https://photos.google.com/u/1/photo/AF1QipOldscu2HiOiLmXSml6DskfG51feuoWOwr9r_dC page won't accept image link from google....
  8. yes, I have the relay, and its functioning correctly. the 1-2 connection (red) activates the relay correctly - however, its not lighting the headlights. unless, the black wire is the hot wire.....
  9. this isn't a standard relay - the way its wired, the current flows thru the relay coil to the headlights, the dual relays inside switch the parking lights and brights on.
  10. Been a bit, but finally got everything connected up per the schematic, and..... nothing. Relay clicks over but headlights don't light..... Mike, do you have an alternate hook-up for this cursed relay? Ken
  11. Thank you! I guess that other relay stays then..... front end has been rewired Ken
  12. Hey Mike, Behind the battery, where this little guy is?
  13. I managed to find the funky 6 pole headlight relay, and it works! now, the question is, where does it mount?? Thanks, Ken
  14. I'm not sure they were a thing - I have belts in my wagon, but they're just bolted into the sheet metal. I believe they will be the same as the roadster, chrome with tan inserts.
  15. yea, it was not easy! Don't think its a seal catching - its a solid "clunk" when i compress and let go the cylinder. going to take it to my local machine shop, see what they can do. Thanks for your help!
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