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I am now selling the Teins. 24way adjustable Tein superdrift. Full pillow ball upper mounts and camber plates too. These will work with the Tein EDFC too. The lower perch has already been modified to accept the struts of your choice. For those who dont know, this is how its done; http://www.the510realm.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-4346-highlight-coilover.html


So all you need is your struts... OR I have some 280zx struts that are already cut, they just need to be trimmed to YOUR desired ride height. set it at its HIGHEST adjustable height and weld it on. the 280zx setup will be free with the coilovers, they include the brakes but MAY be missing a couple bolts which are easily replaceable.


$500 :eek: Come on Jeff you know you still want these.

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no one? would pics help? OH if anyone is wondering, I sold the wagon, it went to a guy who just moved here from japan about a year ago, he has been wanting one for a long time according to him, he has never owned one, he says his friend in japan will be supplying him with parts... silvia motor... etc. I also picked up a 4dr sedan, its stripped to bare shell already... obviously wont be selling this one anytime soon, LOL. I will be taking my time with this one, gonna build it from scratch, MY way. I would keep the teins but I am doing something else... secret for now, look for it in the coming months...

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