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1974 610 confusion......

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It's the emergency interlock switch.


As I read it, if the 610 has several interlocks that must be in compliance or the starter does not operate. For one... all front seats have a sensor that says if someone is sitting in it. All front seat occupants must have seat belt on and connected or buzzer sounds and car won't start. Bloody stupid if you set a bag of groceries on the pass seat the car won't start unless you connect the lap belt..


Anyway if there is an interlock problem/failure to engage the starter, you can defeat it by turning key to ON opening hood and momentarily pressing the emergency interlock switch push button and then turning the key to START.



Micro! Do you know anything about this?

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Some crazy stuff were put on Datsuns probably because of translation errors. Early vehicles didn't have dash light dimmers and later ones did but even at the highest lighting level they were too damn dim. But they have to be there. Not having a car that will start because a seat belt isn't on is just insane. My manual shows a starter interlock section of 20 pages of diagrams and text for this system including a diagnostic box that plugs into the under seat harness for testing. It says the lock device is in accordance with MVSS 208. (Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) http://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/import/FMVSS/


Standard No. 208 - Occupant Crash Protection This standard originally specified the type of occupant restraints (i.e., seat belts) required. It was amended to specify performance requirements for anthropomorphic test dummies seated in the front outboard seats of passenger cars and of certain multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses, including the active and passive restraint systems identified below. The purpose of the standard is to reduce the number of fatalities and the number and severity of injuries to occupants involved in frontal crashes. Generally, the requirements are as follows:  


Passenger Cars (Effective 1-1-68)
Lap or lap and shoulder seat belt assemblies for each designated seating position. Except in convertibles, lap and shoulder seat belt assemblies are required in each front outboard seating position.  


Passenger Cars (Effective 1-1-72), Multipurpose Passenger Vehicles, Trucks and Buses - Options A and B only


(Effective 1-1-72)Passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles and trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs.) or less, and buses (driver's seat only) shall have:   A. A complete passive protection system, or   B. Lap belts, belts warning and meeting 48 km/h (30 mph) crash test requirements, or   C. Lap or lap and shoulder belts, seat belt warning; outboard seats shall have a single-point pushbutton release and emergency-locking or automatic-locking seat belt retractors.  


Passenger Cars (Effective 1-1-73)
Requirements same as above except upper torso restraints shall have an emergency-locking retractor.   Multipurpose


*Passenger Vehicles, Trucks and Buses (Effective 9-1-95)
The lap portion of each seat belt in a forward-facing seat or a seat that can be adjusted to forward-facing shall have a lap belt portion that is lockable.


*The rest are for vehicles after '74... No where does it say the car must not start/operate if the belts are not used. Well have to hand it to the makers. I think I remember some cars like this in N Am that buzzed unless you connected the seat belts if sitting on them and not wearing them.

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