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79' B210 Transmission into 81' 210


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I don't think there were any '79 B-210s. The 210 (B310) began production in Feb '78 and I think the B-210 was done by then.


If it is another year of B-210 then the 5 speed is much different than the later 210 5 speeds of which there were two varieties. It will definitely bolt to your '81 but the drive shaft will only fit if they are both the same length.


Do you have a picture of the '79 transmission?


Is the shift pattern









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Better check the transmission number then. Any B-210 would normally only come with the optional dogleg 5 speed.



1..3..5. shift pattern. 


The tail outer case will say 63A on it.


The later 210 only got the 60 series 5 speeds.

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Here's what was available...


B-210 up to Jan. '78 ...................... FS5W63A  'dogleg' reverse above first 5speed


210 (B310) Feb '78 to July '79....... FS5W60L 'dogleg' reverse above first 5speed

210 (B310) Aug '79 on................... FS5W60A regular shift pattern 5 speed

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