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  1. Got one, what fuel pump should I use? Wha What else would I need to get it working?
  2. Going to be installing a fuel cell into my B310 swapped sr20det. I've never done this before, what parts do I need to do this/ you guys recommend ? Thanks in advance
  3. I know maddat sells a kit for the 1200, do you think that would work for the B310 since they are both A-series?
  4. So I finally have an sr for my b310. I noticed that CX racing has a kit for the 510, for the sr. Will that work for me? What do you guys suggest?
  5. Does anyone know if the lower control arm from T3 for a 510 fit into a B310?
  6. I agree but where can I find an lsd for the h-190?
  7. An sr is being swapped in it will welding the diff be a smart decision?
  8. Have an axle from a '83 200sx. Just wondering what are my lsd options? Any ideas?
  9. Will a 280zx master work with my current booster?
  10. Ok so I plan on swapping a sr20 into my b310. I have an axle from a 83' 200sx with disc brakes and for the front I'm going with 280zx struts. Should I delete the booster for more space? Do I have to use a different master? What other options do I have with this current set up? Thanks
  11. I was thinking of installing zx struts with T3 "big brake kit". Also Some are saying I will need a proportional valve for this swap. Is this true?
  12. My 13s didn't fit, the rim touches the drum right away the distance between the two is about an inch.
  13. I want to do the whole swap. Is there any master cylinder you recommend?
  14. I have a '83 Datsun 200sx rear axle with disc brakes and I am going to put it into my '81 B310 I know I will have to change the driveshaft. But I was wondering what else do I have to worry about? I currently have the stock axle on my B310 with drum brakes. [/url]">http://http://s1248.photobucket.com/user/javi_mayne/media/20161025_142013_zpsn3f7gzf5.jpg.html'>
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