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Another high beam thread


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So I am testing my engine harness to make sure that everything works. And my headlights and running lights all work. But high beams turns everything off and blows a 20 amp fuse. Is it just a bad relay? And on a related note, my turn signal doesn't turn on the dash lights at all. Is that just a bad turn signal relay? When I turn on the hazards they don't really have a set tempo, it sort of bounces all over the place.

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Stock 55watt bulbs should work just fine but if you have replaced with Halogen or something else they may draw more current than the fuse will allow. The fuse is to protect the gauge of wire used back then so increasing the fuse size is not a good idea. You could use your wiring to turn a relay that uses larger gauge wire and a heavier fuse though.


The question is... do the lamps flash when using the turn signals?


Swap the 4 way and the turn signal flasher units and see if anything changes.

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One side is original toshibas. Other side is ge I believe. I plan on removing one of the lights and just having an intake there instead. Would that help? And do I need to ground the plug of the removed light for it to work?

No lamps flash which makes me think it's a bad relay.

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If you want to isolate whether it's the lights drawing too much power, unplug ALL the headlights and then toggle the high beam (with the lights "on" of course).  If the fuse doesn't blow, replace each wire until it does, which indicates too much draw and need for a different relay.  But I don't think even having 4 halogens would blow the fuse, because standard replacement halogen sealed beam bulbs are only 60W.  x4 is about 17W with a good alternator output.


If it blows with all the wires off, it's either the relay or the wiring itself.  So disconnect the relay- if it still blows, it's wiring before the relay.  If it doesn't, it still could be the relay or wiring past the relay.


Turn signals don't have a relay so to speak- just a blinker can, and swapping the hazard for the signals MIGHT tell if it's the can.  But if the hazards are acting like that I'd say the wiring is screwed up or BOTH cans are bad.

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I've noticed there is a no longer available relay from a 280zx that would have plugged right in. Does anyone have a picture or a diagram of it so I can make one of my own?

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