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wanted dead or alive:

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okay, dead is more likely. I want a 320 or 521. anyone?....anyone?....bueller?


In Vancouver (not BC) Washington (not DC) sorry i had to!


let me know what you've got and where. only rule: cheap


NO 620s

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maybe a 520. If it's straight and the price is right. I'm thinkin portland area, so i'm not out gas money and a full day just to go look at it.


I like the look and location of that white one for 300... but I don't think I could easily get it here.

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gotta wait till after canby..in case i NEED to buy anything. That and i have a lead on a 4x4 hardbody (ka) thats really really cheap. might have to get that.


Just wanna see if anyone's got anything or knows anyone.

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